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  1. Fuel pump handle

    Driving economically: How to save fuel

    By William Morris from Car Buyer

    Using less fuel doesn't only save you money – it also helps reduce the amount of nasty gases coming out of your car's exhaust pipe, so you do less damage to the environment.

    • date:23 Feb 2017
  2. Car park

    Parking bays to be widened in UK following SUV boom

    By Martin Saarinen from Auto Express

    Car parking spaces will be made bigger in the future to accommodate the rising number of SUVs and large 4x4s which have caused a sharp rise in the number of car park accidents, the UK’s largest car park provider has said.

    • date:17 Feb 2017
  3. Giraffe at Woburn Safari Park 2

    Fancy a family trip to a safari park this half-term?

    By Helen Dolphin

    It's half-term! If you're looking for a fun, family day out in your Motability Scheme car, have you thought about a trip to your local safari park? Independent mobility consultant Helen Dolphin MBE reviews her recent trip and gives tips on what to see, when and accessibility.

    • date:11 Feb 2017
  4. ABS

    What is ABS?

    By Hugo Griffiths from Car Buyer

    Like the seatbelt, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) is one of the first safety features ever fitted to cars. It's been saving motorists' lives since the 1960s, and all mass-market cars sold in the EU since 2004 must have it, by law. But how does ABS work, and why is it so effective?

    • date:9 Feb 2017
  5. Misty car window

    How to demist your car windows fast

    By Tom Wiltshire from Auto Express

    A misted-up windscreen is one of the most irritating parts of winter driving. If you find yourself battling with the heater controls in a bid to clear the fog from the glass, you’re not alone. But what’s the best way to demist your windows and clear the condensation in as quick a time as possible?

    • date:1 Feb 2017
  6. Driver using mobile phone

    Texting and driving is the most dangerous distraction for motorists

    By Joe Finnerty from Auto Express

    An "autopilot" in the brain that prevents distracted drivers veering off course stops working when you're reading or sending text messages at the wheel, a new scientific study has found. The findings, published in the Scientific Reports journal, suggest texting is an especially hazardous activity for motorists.

    • date:27 Jan 2017
  7. Man checking car oil

    What's the best oil for my car?

    By Auto Express

    Here's a run through of the best types of engine oil if you're topping it up yourself. If you lease your car through the Motability Scheme, your dealer can top up your oil for you instead during your service.

    • date:26 Jan 2017