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Abolition of tax discs

From October 2014, the DVLA will no longer issue tax discs. So, from this date onwards, you will not need to display a tax disc on your windscreen to prove your Motability car is taxed.

Vehicle tax will still need to be arranged to drive or keep your vehicle on the road, even if your car is exempt from a fee. If you are a Motability customer living on the UK mainland, we will continue to arrange the tax for you. However, instead of you receiving a tax disc, the DVLA will now have an electronic record of the tax status of your car.

You can make sure your car is taxed by visiting in new window . Click on the ‘Vehicle enquiry’ link and enter the make of your car and its registration number.

In the meantime, please continue to display your current valid tax disc on your windscreen. For more information on the vehicle tax changes, visit: in new window .