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  1. What does the Motability Scheme mean to you?

    We asked customers attending our One Big Day event in Manchester to share their thoughts with us. Their responses may surprise you!

    Stay tuned for the full interviews with customers which will be posted over the coming weeks. And to tell us what the Motability Scheme means to you, complete our quick survey here.

    Find out more about our One Big Day Events here.

    Watch more customer videos in our video gallery, here.

    • date:21 Jul 2016
  2. Top towns header image

    Top wheelchair and scooter friendly towns across the UK

    We’ve selected some of our favourite locations that are suitable for travel on your Motability Scheme scooter or powered wheelchair, to give you inspiration for some exciting days out this year.

    • date:19 Jul 2016
  3. Educational days out banner image

    Accessible, educational days out around the UK

    With the school summer holidays just around the corner, bring the classroom with you this summer, with Accessible Guide’s top educational days out.

    • date:6 Jul 2016
  4. Welcome to the new look website

    Welcome to our new-look website

    We’ve made a few changes so that it’s easier to find the information you need online.

    The main change is that Motability, the charity which oversees the Scheme, have a brand new website which you can find at All the information about Motability, including fundraising events and activities, and financial support, is now available on their website.

    • date:22 Jun 2016
  5. Top tips for visiting your dealer

    Top tips for ordering your next car

    Getting a new car is a big decision, especially if your needs, lifestyle and preferences are likely to change over the next three years, during the course of your next lease. From budget, car type and transmission, to comfort or practicality – there’s a lot to consider.

    We're here to help with some handy tips for choosing a new car and a reminder of things you may want to ask when you visit a Motability dealership.

    • date:7 Jun 2016
  6. Top 5 beach breaks1

    Top five accessible beach breaks

    You don’t need to go abroad this summer to enjoy a beach break; the UK is home to a number of accessible beaches, perfect for a holiday in the warmer months. With the help of The Rough Guide to Accessible Britain, we’ve rounded up our recommendations of the UK’s top five beaches for a worry-free staycation or day out this summer.

    • date:27 May 2016
  7. New 0300 minicom number

    For customers who are hard of hearing, we have set up a new 0300 minicom number so that you can contact us in a more cost-effective way.

    • date:23 May 2016
  8. Why choose a powered wheelchair

    Why choose a Powered Wheelchair?

    There are some common misconceptions about powered wheelchairs, despite being very similar in function to mobility scooters, they have some great additional features which may mean it’s a more suitable option for you and your lifestyle.

    • date:20 Apr 2016
  9. What to do if you breakdown

    What to do in the event of a breakdown

    For Motability Scheme customers, Motability cars are covered for breakdown assistance for the duration of the lease. Cover includes full breakdown support provided by RAC Motability Assist.

    • date:20 Apr 2016
  10. 013-Petrol-and-diesel-pumps-resized.jpg

    Choosing the right fuel type for you

    Choosing between diesel or petrol cars can be a tricky business. Diesel engines are commonly perceived to be the cheaper option in the long term, but that may not necessarily be the case. Driving habits can play a big part in fuel economy and other factors such as running costs and performance can be greater considerations depending on your preferences.

    • date:20 Apr 2016