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Cornwall Council car park exemption scheme

If you live in Cornwall, or planning a visit soon, you may be interested to know that as of 1st July 2016 you will need to be registered with Cornwall Council’s car park exemption schemeOpens in new window to qualify for concessionary parking in their car parks.

To be eligible for their parking scheme you will need to be a blue badge holder with a vehicle taxed in the disabled class.
When you apply for the parking scheme Cornwall Council will require the vehicle’s V5c Registration Certificate as supporting information to show that your vehicle is exempt from car tax.

As a Motability Scheme customer you should request a copy of your V5c through us. If you are requesting a V5c for this parking scheme, and your vehicle is taxed in the exempt class we will not send a copy you. Instead, we will confirm this directly with Cornwall Council.

You will still need to apply for the car park exemption schemeOpens in new window directly with Cornwall Council, but you will not need to send them the vehicle’s V5c as we will have already provided this on your behalf.

Cornwall Council holds an electronic record of vehicles that are registered on their car park exemption scheme so you won’t receive a physical permit to display in your car. The council will let you know when your registration is complete. If you are planning a visit to Cornwall it’s worth noting that it may take up to 10 days for the council to process your application.

Request a copy of your V5c Registration Certificate (log book)

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