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New emissions standard – what does this mean for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs)?

In recent years, legislation has been introduced to reduce the level of air pollution emitted from road transport. This means that car manufacturers have had to start developing newer and cleaner engine technologies in order to meet the need for improved air quality.


A new emissions standard introduced in September 2015 (Euro 6 Emissions Standard) requires manufacturers to make cars cleaner by reducing the levels of harmful exhaust fumes, in particular nitrogen oxide.

As WAVs are converted for comfortable and safe wheelchair access after the initial vehicle is built, converters must follow a slightly more complicated process in order to ensure that vehicles registered from 1 September 2015 meet the new emissions standard. In the short term, this means it could take a little longer for a new WAV to arrive, as converters engineer solutions to meet the new regulations.

Not all WAVs are affected in the same way, so it’s worth discussing delivery times of the vehicles you are interested in with your chosen converter. If you do find there are some delays to your preferred vehicle, you may wish to consider a WAV that the converter already has in stock as it may be available to you more quickly. You could also consider a Nearly New WAV as they are also often available in a shorter time period. However with both these approaches, you may have to compromise on either your preferred colour choice or the vehicle specification.

Whichever option you select, it is important to choose a WAV that fully meets your needs both now and for the future, even if this means it takes a bit longer to arrive.

If you already lease a WAV on the Motability Scheme and you encounter delays when ordering your next vehicle, rest assured we will be able to extend the lease on your current vehicle to ensure that you stay mobile during this time.