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What to do in the event of a breakdown

For Motability Scheme customers, Motability cars are covered for breakdown assistance for the duration of the lease. Cover includes full breakdown support provided by RAC Motability Assist.

What to do if you breakdown

We know that experiencing a break down while you’re out on the road can be especially stressful. The main thing to ensure is your safety and the safety of any passengers. So we’ve put together a simple 4 step plan to follow if you break down:

Step 1) Try to get your car close to the kerbside or on the hard shoulder, away from the traffic

Step 2)
Switch off the engine and put on your hazard warning lights

Step 3)
If possible, ensure all passengers leave the car and move to a safe position away from the road. If you or your passengers are unable to leave the car, ensure that the vehicle is as close as possible to the kerbside or on the hard shoulder and remain calm.

If you have any pets, the Highway Code states that you must leave any animals in the vehicle during a motorway breakdown or, in an emergency, keep them under proper control on the verge (Rule 56 of the Highway Code interprets this as being on a short lead and under control).

Step 4) Call RAC Motability Assist

UK and NI – 0800 73 111 73,
From a mobile 0333 202 1878,
Republic of Ireland – 1800 535 005

There are emergency phones on the motorway indicated by directional arrows on the marker posts and are usually one mile apart.

The telephone helpline and roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. They’ll ask for details including your vehicle registration, your exact location and the nature of your breakdown. Make sure you give them as much information as possible such as whether you or your passengers use a wheelchair (and whether this is a powered wheelchair), need urgent medical attention or have any other requirements.

RAC Motability Assist staff are specially trained to support Motability Scheme customers and their needs, and the service aims to get someone out to you within 40 minutes.

You can find the RAC Motability Assist telephone numbers on the ‘Useful numbers card’ that came with your welcome pack at the start of your lease. It’s a good idea save the number to your mobile phone so you have it to hand should you ever need.

Find out more about your breakdown cover