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Winter pre-driving checks

Getting your vehicle into good shape is necessary to see you safely through the coming winter months. We’ve put together a list of some essential checks that will help you make sure your car is properly prepared for colder weather.


Lights: Before you set off on any journey, especially longer ones, check your bulbs and wipe your lights before you drive, so that they are clearly visible to other road-users.

Anti-freeze: If your car is due for a service, it may be a good idea to ask your dealer to check the anti-freeze levels in your radiator, which will help give you protection from a weather-related breakdown.

Battery: Ask your dealer to check your battery, as many winter non-starts could be to do with the battery not being in tip top condition.

Screen wash: Make sure your screen washer is topped up in the winter as grimy windscreens can affect your visibility.

The above items are included in your annual scheduled service as part of your agreement. Your dealer may help with these checks if you are unsure yourself, however, please note that if you take your vehicle to a dealership outside of the set service times, a small charge may apply for these checks to be carried out.

Other things to plan for:

  • Plan your journey - it is worth planning every journey carefully so that you can avoid taking unnecessary detours or risk getting lost. This will ensure you have a smooth and trouble-free experience. If you use a sat nav, then make sure you use it safely, so it doesn’t become a distraction. Green FlagOpens in new window and ROSPA Opens in new window sites have further safety advice about sat navs and other distractions when driving.
  • Take warm clothes and a blanket. It’s also a good idea to stock up on food and water in case you are stuck in traffic especially during late hours in freezing weather.
  • Watch out for severe weather warnings and only take journeys if they are necessary.

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