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Take a test drive to choose the right product

To ensure you choose the scooter or powered wheelchair that is right for you, a specially trained dealer will be happy to come to your home with a selection of products for you to try.

An assessment at home is necessary to make sure you are able to use your scooter or powered wheelchair in and around your home, and that you have somewhere suitable to store and charge your product. Alternatively, you can visit a dealer showroom to see a range of models. However, your dealer will still need to do an assessment at your home to make sure it’s the right product for your lifestyle. The dealerships will often cover wide areas of the country, so even if your nearest one is some distance way, they will be able to visit you.

Take your time to get used to the controls and practise getting the scooter or powered wheelchair in and out of where you will store it. You are under no obligation to choose a scooter or powered wheelchair from the selection the dealer brings you. It’s important that you take your time and make the right choice for your needs.

Many customers have a few problems the first time they try a product, however for most people it’s just a matter of getting used to controlling the speed and steering. If you find that you are still unsure about a product after taking a test drive and assessment, speak to your dealer about your concerns. All of our dealers are used to answering a range of questions, so no matter how simple or complex your needs are, your dealer will be happy to help.

Alternatively ask to try other products before making your final decision.

Remember, you can see as many dealers as you like – do not feel obliged to place an order with the first dealer who visits you.

Download our checklist on planning your dealer visit Will download a resource(PDF 37KB)