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    I am an existing customer - when can I apply for financial help on my new lease?

    If you are already a Motability customer and are applying for financial help towards a new car, you can apply four months before the end of your current lease. If you are applying for financial help towards a new WAV, you can apply six months before the end of your current lease.

    To make the best use of their charitable funds, Motability award grants which are cost effective solutions based upon the individual disabled person’s mobility needs and not wants. In order to help as many beneficiaries as possible, Motability may ask you to extend the lease on your vehicle for another one or two years. You will only be asked to do this if the vehicle is still suitable for your individual mobility needs.

    All grant applications are means-tested to ensure Motability supports those most in need of a charitable grant and to ensure they helps as many beneficiaries as possible with the charitable funds available.

    Please note: Motability are not able to award a grant if you have already ordered your vehicle. This is because when you place an application for a grant, your Case Manager will consider your individual circumstances and confirm which vehicles the charity is prepared to fund based on your mobility needs, not wants.

    Grants are awarded in line with Motability’s policies and following thorough consideration of the information submitted in the application. All grant awards are final, except in cases where additional compelling information is provided. Applications that Motability considers do not meet their funding priorities will not receive grant funding.

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