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Car Search Guide

Find exactly what you're looking for

With so many to choose from, the car search tool makes it easy to find a suitable car or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) to lease on the Motability Scheme.

We have provided a wide range of options to help you find a car based on your budget, needs and preferences. You can use a combination of all, or just some of these to narrow down your search results.

The search tool presents the full list of cars available on the Motability Scheme

Car search guide 1

If you want to browse through this list without making any selections, go straight to the ‘Find cars’ button at the bottom of the page.

Or, if you have a particular preference you can select different options in the tool to narrow down your search.

The search tool will update automatically based on your selections.

You can narrow down your search by price

Car search guide 2

We have three pricing options on our Car Search tool:

Cars that cost less than your allowance, meaning you get to keep any money left over.

Cars that cost all of your weekly mobility allowance, for a wider selection.

For an even wider choice, you can choose to add to your weekly allowance by paying a one-off upfront ‘Advance Payment.’

More about payment and cost

You can narrow down your search by make and model

Car search guide 3

You can choose multiple makes and models of car or WAV (rather than selecting one at a time), allowing you to see a wide variety of results.

However if you’re not sure which vehicle you’re interested in, you can ‘select all’ within the dropdown.

If you know what size car you are looking for, simply use the option to select by type, for example ‘small’, ‘medium’ or ‘large’.

Find out more about types of car

You can narrow down your search by various car details

Car search guide 4

These options include engine size, fuel types, number of seats, average miles per gallon and more.

They are designed to help you find a car according to your more specific needs, for example you may want a car with a specific number of seats.

You do not have to make selections for every option. Just make the choices relevant to your preferences and click ‘Find cars’.

Select or de-select options using the multiple-choice dropdown menus or tickboxes

Car search guide 5

Dropdown menus give you a list of options from which you can make your selection. Some of these ask you to define a range, for example engine size of ‘up to 2.0’.

You can also make selections using tickboxes. Red tickboxes show where a selection has been made, whilst grey ones indicate choices that are currently unavailable.

There is a ‘De-select all’ option on the tickboxes, so that you can remove all pre-selected options in one go, should you want to start over.

Viewing your search results

Click ‘Find cars’ at any time to see your search results based on your current choices.

There are several low emissions models available through the Motability Scheme. To find these, look out for the green leaf symbol on our Car Search, or filter by 'eco-friendly cars'.

Compare up to four cars side by side

Car search guide 6

Clicking ‘Add to comparison’ will add the relevant car to a list of up to four chosen vehicles on the right-hand side of the page.

Here you can use the ‘Compare’ button to view this list of cars and their key details, side by side.

Simply click the ‘save’ option if you would like to name this comparison and come back to it later.

Your items will be kept for one month on the same PC, tablet or mobile device that you use to save them. To view them, return to the search page and where they will be listed in the right hand column.*

Save your search results

Car search guide 7

As well as saving your comparisons, you can use the ‘save searches’ feature to retain up to four search results at any one time.

Your items will be kept for one month on the same PC, tablet or mobile device that you use to save them. To view them, return to the search page and where they will be listed in the right hand column.*

*Deleting your cookies will delete any saved search results or saved comparisons.