WAV stands for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. This means you can travel in the vehicle while seat in your wheelchair


We believe everything on our website should be easily accessible to people with disabilities, just as we work to help make the physical world more accessible. 

Our website aims to conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1.

By aiming to conform to these guidelines it helps our website to be more accessible to users with disabilities, which benefits all users.

Our commitment to usability

We're always making changes to our site, to make sure it's easy to use. We genuinely want to know if anything isn’t working for you.

We're always trying to improve the accessibility of our website and reach higher standards.

Maintaining an accessible website is an ongoing process and we're always working hard to offer a user-friendly experience. If you have problems using our site, just use our form and we'll do our best to improve it.

General enquiry form

If any defect arises, we expect to rectify any issue which may impact the AA rating soon.

Video content

You'll notice we put captions on all our videos. This is to make sure that if you're deaf, you'll still be able to understand the content quickly. Transcripts are also available free to anyone.

Help with navigation – using a keyboard instead of a mouse

If you have any restricted mobility in your hand (or you want to avoid strains), you can use your keyboard instead of a mouse. So instead of moving your full hand to navigate, you can do it just by touching keys.

  • Press 'Tab' to go to the first link on the page
  • Press 'Tab' each time you want to move from one link to the next
  • Press 'Enter' to open any link
  • Use arrow keys to navigate up and down any page

How to read PDFs

Lots of useful information on our site can be downloaded in PDFs which you can keep on your computer. To read these you need Adobe Reader, which you can download for free using the link below.

Download Adobe Reader

Contact us for more information

Help for our deaf customers

If you're deaf and you'd like to talk to us about anything to do with the Motability Scheme, British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters are happy to help you communicate with our Customer Services team.

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