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Financial help

For customers who would otherwise be unable to afford the type of vehicle they need, Motability may be able to offer financial help. This could include the Advance Payment for a car, adaptations, driving lessons or a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV).

Establishing what you need

The first thing to do is to consider what kind of solution you need to achieve mobility. You should think about:

  • Your personal mobility needs
  • What you need the car for
  • Whether you need to take equipment, such as a scooter or wheelchair in the car
  • Whether anyone else needs to travel with you

Then search online for cars and prices and match potential vehicles to your needs. You should always consider the least expensive options first, and then find the showroom or dealership nearest to you and call them to arrange a visit or test drive.

Can we help you?

We may be able to support you by:

  • Advising you about cars and adaptations that would meet your needs; some of which may be available at a low Advance Payment
  • Arranging a lease extension on your current Motability car if it is still suitable
  • Arranging a mobility or driving assessment to find out exactly what you need
  • Considering an application for financial help towards the solution that meets your needs*

If Motability is able to provide financial help, you are expected to contribute as much as you can afford towards a vehicle solution that will meet your mobility needs. There is a lot of demand for financial help and we try to ensure that the available money is used to help as many people as possible to become or remain mobile.

What can we give financial help towards?

  • Advance Payments on standard production cars. This is the one-off upfront payment on a car
  • Adaptations such as swivel seats and wheelchair hoists. More basic adaptations, such as hand controls, pedal modifications and steering wheel balls are available free of charge through our Motability Managed Adaptations Programme (MMAP).
  • Driving lessons: if you are a Motability customer or you are applying to join the Motability Scheme, you may be eligible for help towards the cost of lessons.
  • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) for customers who wish to get in a car while remaining seated in their wheelchair, whether as a driver or passenger. Applications for these vehicles can, in some cases, take a little longer and may require a mobility assessment to fully understand your needs.

War Pensioners and Ex-invalid Vehicle Service Holders

War Pensioners

If you receive the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement and have a Motability car, you may be eligible for help from Veterans UK, based on your medical records. If you need a vehicle or adaptations costing more than the standard grants they can offer and you are unable to meet the cost yourself then you can apply to Motability for help.

Ex-invalid Vehicle Service Holders

Motability can also help you if you previously drove a three-wheeled blue trike or other Government vehicle. Call our Customer Service team on 0300 456 4566 to learn more.

Still need help?

If you have carefully considered your needs and cannot find a suitable vehicle in your price range, please contact our Customer Service team on 0300 456 4566 to discuss your options, including the possibility of financial assistance from Motability.

*There is no entitlement to help from Motability. All financial help is discretionary and subject to available funding. Motability is a national charity (Registered Charity  No in England and Wales. 299745) with limited funds so it is vital that we help those people who need it most. Grants are only given towards new vehicles and adaptations obtained through the Motability Scheme.