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  1. TBE-Page-Header---Manchester

    Celebrating 10 years of our One Big Day events!

    We’re very excited to announce that we are celebrating 10 years of successful One Big Day events next year AND we’ll be returning to Manchester, the city where it all started, to host The Big Event in 2017.

    • date:6 Dec 2016
  2. Lady driving using mobile phone

    New six-point penalty for mobile phone use when driving

    Under new rules announced by the Government today, drivers caught using a hand held mobile phone while driving face increased penalties. Texting, making phone calls without a hands free kit or checking social media accounts will incur a £200 fine and six driving licence penalty points from 2017. Drivers who have recently passed their test face having their licence revoked and being forced to retake their test.

    • date:2 Dec 2016
  3. Emma Bowler in countryside

    Is access improving in the UK?

    By Emma Bowler

    We asked former BBC programme maker and disability writer Emma Bowler "Is access improving in the UK?" - read her thoughts below.

    • date:28 Nov 2016
  4. Car driving through fog

    Driving in fog: top tips

    By Hugo Griffiths from Car Buyer

    When the weather is good and conditions are clear, it's easy to forget just how treacherous driving in fog can be. Wet weather and low temperatures are more likely to result in foggy conditions, with the long winter months being particularly prone to poor visibility.

    While the general advice is not to drive if it's foggy, this is of little use if fog develops when you’re already on the road, and some journeys are unavoidable. But what should you do when driving in fog? Our advice will help you stay safe.

    • date:25 Nov 2016
  5. Driving-in-wet-weather.jpg

    Driving in heavy rain and flooding

    If you have been affected by the recent wet weather, here are some handy hints from RSA Motability (RSAM), who provide insurance cover on the Motability Scheme, to stay safe when driving in areas at risk of flooding.

    • date:24 Nov 2016
  6. Radishes, onions and four types of tomatoes…

    At a recent Big Event, we asked some of our customers to tell us about what the Motability Scheme means to them. Hear from customer Sandra, below.

    • date:24 Nov 2016
  7. Lady on scooter

    Road safety for scooters

    By Tim Barnes-Clay

    National Road Safety Week is coming up soon (21-27 November), and with that in mind we’ve come up with some safety tips for a very important, widely used vehicle — the mobility scooter. Due to their relatively small size and limited speed, users need to be particularly careful on the road, so we hope these tips will make your drive a little easier!

    • date:23 Nov 2016
  8. check-engine-light

    Car dashboard warning lights: the complete guide

    By James Richardson from Car Buyer

    Every time you start your car, your instrument panel will twinkle with a variety of warning lights. They’re all very important –there to show us if something is wrong – but what does each one actually mean?

    • date:22 Nov 2016
  9. Scooter ramblers

    Rambling in the countryside

    By Laura Marcus

    Why is rambling such a popular new trend for Britons, including those of us with mobility issues? Well, as well as the benefits of being outdoors and enjoying fabulous scenery, wildlife and fresh air, there’s the added bonus of meeting new people and creating a healthy habit. And despite popular belief, a disability need not prevent you from getting out and enjoying the glorious British countryside.

    • date:22 Nov 2016
  10. Car safety features hero

    What are the latest safety car features?

    By Tim Barnes-Clay

    Thanks to engineering advancements and countless safety campaigns, cars have never been as safe as they are now. With National Road Safety Week fast approaching (21-27 November), we've rounded up some of the latest safety features available for cars, including how they keep us safe before, during or after an accident.

    • date:21 Nov 2016