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  1. Policeman using speed gun

    Serious speeders to be fined 150% of weekly salary

    Magistrates in England and Wales are to get tougher powers to punish speeding drivers. Anyone caught excessively breaking the speed limit from 24 April 2017 will lose 150% of their weekly salary; the previous limit was set at 100%.

    • date:29 Apr 2017
  2. Motability dealer Jonathan Bell

    Dealer Jonathan talks us through joining the Motability Scheme [Interview]

    If you have difficulty getting around, you may receive a mobility allowance which you can use to lease a car, powered wheelchair or scooter through the Motability Scheme. If you don't drive yourself, up to two named drivers are included with the lease. And everything else like insurance, breakdown cover and maintenance is covered too. So where do you start?

    • date:27 Apr 2017
  3. Enhancements to PIP Transitional Support Package

    The Minister for Disabled People and Health, Penny Mordaunt, has today announced changes to the support provided by Motability to customers on the Motability Scheme who are not entitled to the enhanced rate of the mobility component of PIP following a reassessment from DLA to PIP and, as a result can no longer use the Scheme.

    • date:20 Apr 2017
  4. Woman driving a white car

    Distracted driving: what is a Driver Emotion Test?

    We all know the importance of avoiding distractions while driving, but you may be less aware of the part emotions can play. This article tells us more and puts the theory to the test.

    • date:17 Apr 2017
  5. Sean and Rachael

    "Dominic has autism – the Scheme has made such a difference for our family"

    Rachael and Sean’s son Dominic has autism. Here they share their story about how they found out about the Motability Scheme and how it has helped them as family.

    • date:15 Apr 2017
  6. Lady on a mobility scooter

    Choosing the right mobility scooter for you

    Many people who don't use mobility scooters themselves aren't aware there is more than one type. There are several kinds with different features for people who intend to use their scooter in different ways.

    • date:14 Apr 2017
  7. Clachtoll beach

    Six of the best accessible days out in spring

    Here are six top accessible picks for a great day out in the fresh air. There is something for everyone, whether you’re a music-lover, a fan of the great outdoors or someone who loves messing about on water.

    • date:13 Apr 2017
  8. Autonomous car

    Nissan to trial autonomous cars in London

    While debates about the benefits and pitfalls of self-driving technology continue, Nissan is preparing for the first on-road autonomous vehicle (AV) trials conducted in Europe.

    • date:12 Apr 2017
  9. Liverpool cityscape

    The fall-less city and other innovations for a healthier old age

    The city of Liverpool is aiming to become a “fall-less” city – so that all older adults with limited or reduced mobility can venture forth into the streets, parks and other public places knowing that their chances of falling have been significantly reduced.

    • date:11 Apr 2017
  10. Dial Walk Kensington Gardens

    Where the grass is greener – accessible days out to gardens around the UK

    Now that we are well and truly into spring and the blossom is on the trees, it’s the perfect time to appreciate the beautiful nature around us.

    • date:10 Apr 2017