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Protecting the Scheme

Clear and simple guidelines help us focus our price list around the needs of our customers. These are designed to make sure the Motability Scheme upholds our core principle of helping disabled people to enjoy affordable, worry-free motoring.

Pricing - general principles?

Our car price list so it reflects the choices made by the vast majority of our customers:

  • The core range of cars available through the Motability Scheme focuses on cars with an Advance Payment of £2,000 or less
  • To make sure we continue to offer a wide range of cars to suit our customers’ disability needs, automatic versions of these cars will also be available, even if they exceed the £2,000 limit. Use our Car Search tool to see the full list of cars available on the Scheme
  • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles are not subject to these restrictions. Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and a number of specialist vehicles, such as those with eight or more seats will continue to be offered even if they require an Advance Payment of more than £2,000.

To help combat misuse of our cars, and to make sure that all Motability cars are used for the benefit of the disabled person:

  • All nominated drivers added to a lease should live with, or within five miles of the disabled customer. We will however, consider requests to include drivers outside this range where this is essential to support the customer’s needs. In these cases, we will require additional information to be provided
  • When you order your car, as part of the ordering process, you, your nominated drivers and the Motability dealer will need to sign a ‘Statement of responsibilities and suitability confirmation’ form Will download a resource(PDF 120KB) , which shows you understand and agree to abide by the guidelines on how to use your car. This document has been developed to ensure anyone who will be driving the car understands the policies surrounding its usage and to help combat misuse of Motability cars .

To enable us to continue providing affordable motoring for all:

  • Drivers aged under 25 are restricted to cars with an ABI Insurance Group 16 or lower and with a power output of 120 brake horsepower (BHP) or less. This does not apply to Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. For more information, speak to your dealer or visit in new window
  • Only one named driver under 21 is permitted. This could be the disabled customer, or another driver living at the same address.

If you are choosing your next car and nominated drivers, you will need to take these policies into account, however,the vast majority of customers will not be affected by any of these changes.

Location trackers

The Motability Scheme lease package includes insurance cover for two named drivers, however regardless of who is driving the car, it should always be used for the benefit of the disabled customer. To ensure that you are gaining direct benefit from your Motability car, in some cases we may talk to you about fitting a location tracker. An example of this could be if none of your named drivers are resident at your address or you live in a care home where a number of drivers have access to the car. If this is the case, we will always speak to you in advance.

Location trackers are just one of the many ways that we act to protect the Scheme from abuse and to ensure that the cars are used for the benefit of our customers.