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Getting an adaptation

There are two ways in which Motability Operations Ltd can help you adapt your car to fit your needs.


1 Adapting your car at the start of your lease

The easiest and most cost effective way of adapting your car is at the start of your lease agreement. We currently have around 400 different adaptations available through what we call our Motability Managed Adaptations Programme (MMAP), where the adaptations are fitted before your Motability car is delivered. Your dealer can organise this with a local adaptations installer.

By ordering your car and adaptations at the same time, your adaptation installer can ensure that the combination of you, the car and adaptations all work together. It also means that your brand new car is delivered with the adaptations you need fitted so that you can drive away and start enjoying it. And the best bit is that many of our most popular adaptations can be fitted to your car at no extra cost. Others will require payment in addition to your Advance Payment directly to your car dealer at the start of your lease.

If the adaptation you need is not available through MMAP, then you will need to arrange the installation and payment directly with your Motability adaptations installer . You will also need to contact RSA Motability (RSAM) to make sure your insurance covers the adaptation.

2 Adapting your car during your lease

We will be aware of any adaptations fitted to your car at the start of your agreement. However, should you choose to add any extra adaptations during your lease, you will need to inform RSAM and our Customer Services team first to ensure you have adequate insurance. You can then contact any Motability adaptations installer to discuss your needs. You will need to pay the cost of any such adaptations direct to the adaptation installer.