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Adaptations overview

The Motability Scheme offers hundreds of adaptations ranging from simple driving controls to person hoists to lift a wheelchair user into a standard car. All our adaptations are designed to help make your driving, or travelling, experience as comfortable as possible and depending on which adaptations you choose they can help you drive, stow your wheelchair or scooter, or get in and out of the car.

The most important two pieces of advice...

  1. Not all adaptations are suitable for every type of car, it’s all about compatibility of car and adaptation. It’s therefore critical that you consider the adaptations you need before you choose your car.
  2. Adaptation installers are the best people to give advice on which adaptations might best suit your needs, especially if you are considering stowage or access adaptations.

Where do I start?

Where do I start

Adaptations can improve your driving or travelling experience, find out what is available and how they work on the Scheme.

How much do adaptations cost?

Adaptations overviews.jpg

A huge range of adaptations are available at low or no extra cost when fitted at the start of your lease.

Next steps and other advice

Other sources of help

Our videos show adaptations in actions, or if you know what you need then simply contact a local installer.