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Please be advised that the Motability Scheme Autoglass number has changed. To arrange an appointment please call the new Glassline number 0300 037 9944. You can also book an online appointment.

  1. What happens if my permitted driver can no longer drive?

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    Your lease agreement includes insurance for two permitted drivers and if you need to change drivers you simply need to make one free phone call to RSA Motability. It’s worth seeing if there is anyone else that can drive your car first before considering cancelling your lease agreement. Customers that have cancelled for this reason tell us that they miss the reliability and independence that their Motability car gave them. You can only cancel your lease agreement if you have extenuating circumstances with a valid reason.

    You may be asked to pay a fee of up to £250 and you will not be eligible for a Good Condition Bonus. If you would still like to discuss cancelling your lease agreement, please call our Customer Services team.

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