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Please be advised that the Motability Scheme Autoglass number has changed. To arrange an appointment please call the new Glassline number 0300 037 9944. You can also book an online appointment.

  1. What is a Nearly New WAV?

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    Motability offers both new and Nearly New WAVS on the same worry-free package. Nearly New WAVs are vehicles in good overall condition that are a maximum of three years old. Contact one of our WAV suppliers to discuss these vehicles and to find out how you can lease them through the Motability Scheme.

    Nearly New WAVs are a great option for those people who need a WAV quickly, or who need something more affordable. They are available on a three year lease, rather than the usual five, and have a lower Advance Payment than the equivalent new WAV. It’s important to remember that stock is limited and availability varies across each Motability WAV supplier, and as a result there may not be a vehicle available with the exact specification to meet your mobility needs - so it’s always best to discuss this with the supplier first.

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