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Motability car dealers

There are nearly 5,000 dealerships across the UK with trained specialists on hand to advise you on which cars might suit your needs. The dealerships provide cars and will help with any servicing or maintenance queries throughout your lease.

Finding a dealer

Finding dealers in your local area is simple. Just enter your town or postcode using our online search and the results will give you helpful directions and a map. As well as car dealers , you can also search for adaptation installers and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) suppliers . You’ll also be able to see what kind of access and facilities each dealership has to offer and useful information such as whether they offer the option to trade-in your old car.

All about adaptations
More about WAVs

Book an appointment with your dealer

Once you’ve found a dealer, simply call them and arrange an appointment with their Motability specialist. That way you can be sure the Motability specialist is available to help you choose the right car for your needs.

Some dealers may be able to provide a home visit or transport to the showroom if you need it.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) suppliers

If you are opting for a WAV, all of the specialist WAV suppliers will travel to your home and provide a no-obligation home demonstration to help make choosing your WAV easier.

Visit the dealership

A visit to the dealership is the most important stage in deciding if a car is right for you. To make the most out of your visit, it pays to plan ahead.  

  • Make sure you’ve looked at our Cars and WAVs section to get some advice on how to choose the right car for your needs and budget.
  • We recommend that you take your mobility aids with you so you can try the car out for size and accessibility. It’s also a good idea to visit several Motability dealers to help give you a better idea of what of car best suits your needs.
  • Download our checklist for tips to help you plan your dealer visit Will download a resource(PDF 61KB)
  • Once you’ve worked out what type of car you want it’s very important that you take a few cars out for a test drive.
  • As part of your appointment, your dealer will take you through a Motability Scheme Suitability QuestionnaireOpens in new window . This is designed to make sure the car you’re considering, and the Scheme, is right for you.
  • Before making your final decision, it’s worth asking your dealer the expected delivery time for your new car as this can vary from model to model.
  • Remember that Motability specialists are there to help and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  

All our dealers are continually monitored and take part in ongoing training to make sure they are kept updated with all aspects of the Motability Scheme. In addition to supplying and servicing your car, our dealers can also provide help throughout your lease with things such as free fluid checks.    

Download our checklist for tips to help you plan your dealer visit

Our checklist includes:

Book and appointment with the Motability Specialist to discuss your requirements

Visit several Motability Scheme dealers to give you a better idea of which type of car best suits your needs

If you wish to nominate a driver, they should come with you and test drive the car too

If you use a wheelchair or any other mobility aid, take it with you so you can try the car out for size and accessibility

Make a checklist of any specifics or extra you want in the car

Download our planning your dealer visit checklist Will download a resource(PDF 61KB)