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Find a vehicle

We have a wide range of vehicles available to lease on the Scheme. Whatever your needs, we’ll help you find something that’ll keep you mobile.

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Find the perfect car

Remember, whichever model you choose you’ll get a brand-new vehicle and a worry-free, full package.

Did you know most cars can be adapted? Adaptations help you drive, get in and out, or stow things if you have limited mobility. See how

Find a car dealer

You can start applying online then get in touch with your local Motability Scheme dealer to check if your choice suits you. They’ll talk about adaptations, arrange test drives and place your order.

Find the perfect Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Everyone is familiar with cars, but you may not have seen a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle before. They are vehicles that have been adapted to make it easier for people to travel with a wheelchair.

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Learn about Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

There are several types of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle to choose from. Some, you drive or ride in your wheelchair and others allow you to transfer to a standard seat. Some have access by lift and some by ramp.


Find a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle supplier

Get in touch with a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle specialist who’ll help you find what suits you. They’ll talk about the adaptations, arrange test drives and place your order.

Did you know a supplier will bring a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle to your home, anywhere in the UK, to give you a demonstration and make sure it’s right for you?

Search make and model

If you decide a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle is right for you, our search tool can help you find the right make and model to suit your needs.

Find the perfect scooter or powered wheelchair

Scooters and powered wheelchairs are a popular choice because of their versatility: you can use some in the home, and even some on the road.


Find a scooter and powered wheelchair dealer

It’s important to talk to a dealer when you’re ready – they’ll help you choose. A specialist will arrange test drives and place your order.

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Get help choosing a scooter or powered wheelchair

A powered wheelchair or scooter can be a huge boost to your mobility in and around home. We’ll help you find what suits your needs and lifestyle best.

Did you know that most powered wheelchairs and scooters cost less to lease per week than your mobility allowance? So the rest of your allowance is paid directly to you.

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Our help starts here

Not sure which vehicle is right for you? We can help you decide with just a few questions about your needs and lifestyle.

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