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Interview with a WAV converter

We work with a range of dealers and specialist suppliers, who can help you select the right vehicle for your mobility needs and provide support throughout your lease. We place the spotlight on one of our Wheelchair Accessible (WAV) suppliers, to find out how they look after Motability Scheme customers and what they think are the best things about working with the Scheme.


Steve-Motability-WAV-converterRead our interview with Steve, a mobility advisor with Accessible Vehicles, who are a supplier for Wilson Healy and Lateral Design Concepts, and who has worked with the Motability Scheme since 2002.

What kind of things do customers come to you about?

Steve: We have a number of different types of customers who come to us. Some customers who are struggling with a standard car may decide to look at WAVs. There are plenty of options on the Scheme and they want to know which would be the best for them. We speak to some customers who are able to afford a higher Advance Payment. For example, they may pay a bit more so they can travel upfront, next to their partner, who may be driving the vehicle. The Nearly New WAV Scheme has also been really successful. Customers can pay a lower Advance Payment for a second owner WAV with low mileage which is no more than two and a half years old.

What advice would you give to someone looking for their first vehicle? 

Steve: Do as much research as you can. Converters will do a no-obligation home demo and they will have a wide knowledge of the industry to advise you of the best product to get into, so make sure to ask them all of your questions.

What about tips for renewing WAV customers?

Steve: I don’t think the advice is that different to what we’d offer a first time customer - still do lots of research. Your converter will ask you what your needs are and will use this to narrow down a number of WAVs to bring out to you. We’d always advise test driving as many WAVs as you need until you find the perfect one.

During the life of the lease, what support is available to customers to help them maintain their vehicles?

Steve: When we deliver a WAV, we’ll give you an information sheet to tell you how to use your vehicle properly and also demonstrate the different aspects of the WAV. If there’s a problem with the conversion, like the winch for example, you can always give your converter a call and they’ll be happy to help you. In terms of servicing the vehicle or mechanical problems, your managing dealer will sort everything. With Motability you’re looked after and have total piece of mind. It’s brilliant!

How are you trained specifically to reach out to Motability Scheme customers?

Steve: All WAV suppliers take part in the dealer training every couple of years. Aside from that experience, meeting hundreds of different customers a year really helps. Everybody’s completely different; you need to have an open mind. You can’t go in there as a car salesman and try and sell them a car, you need to assess what their requirements are and listen to them as well. If what we have isn’t suitable, we’ll suggest another supplier. We all have a wide knowledge of other people’s vehicles as well. I don’t see myself as a car salesman, I’m a mobility advisor.

What do you think about the Motability Scheme in general?

Steve: It’s fantastic. Customers can lease a new vehicle every three or five years. A lot of our customers comment about the fact that it takes their worries away. If anything happens to the vehicle, it’s all taken care of for you.