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Getting a new WAV

Once you have considered all the things which affect your choice of WAV and drawn up a shortlist by browsing our WAV search , the next step is to contact Motability WAV converters to find out more about the vehicles and arrange a test drive.


Our WAV converters are used to talking through your needs on the phone to build up a picture of the type of WAV which might be suitable for you. This will help them to understand what your needs are and enable them to bring an appropriate WAV to demonstrate and for you to test drive.

The WAV converter will bring the demonstration to your home, so establishing which WAV is likely to be the closest match to your needs will enable the converter to bring the most relevant model for you to try.

As part of your home demonstration, the converter will take you through the Statement of responsibilities and suitability confirmation form Will download a resource(PDF 118KB) , which you will sign. This document is designed to ensure the WAV you’re considering, and the Motability Scheme, meets your needs now, and for the duration of your lease.

Taking a test drive

Customer experience tells us that there’s no comparison to having a test drive to see how one WAV compares to another. Converters will bring a demonstration vehicle to your home for you to try but there is no obligation, and you should not feel under any pressure. You need to make sure that you find a WAV that is right for your needs and that you can feel comfortable in. If the WAV you are testing does not feel right, trust your instincts and say so.

It’s important to involve your partner, carer or whoever will be driving the WAV. They need to be happy with driving the vehicle and confident that they will be able to operate features such as the ramp and restraints.

Take along any equipment, mobility aids or child seats that you need the WAV to accommodate to ensure it fits all your needs.

Visit roads and places that you will regularly use such as your local supermarket. It’s the best way to see if a WAV will fit in with your daily life. Driving a WAV can be a very different experience to driving a standard car, so it’s important that everyone who will be driving it feels comfortable and confident when they’re out on the road.

  • When you’re out on a test drive, don’t rush it, take as long as you need.
  • There is no set length of time for a home demonstration, so make sure your get a thorough understanding of the WAV and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • The converter is there to advise you and will understand the test drive needs to be thorough enough to enable you to decide whether the vehicle will meet your requirements.

More tips on test drives in our WAV guide

Found the perfect WAV for you?

Now comes the exciting part – ordering your new WAV. This is a simple process, and your converter will manage everything for you from start to finish.

As part of your home demonstration, the converter will take you through the Motability Suitability Questionnaire which you will sign. This document is designed to ensure the WAV you’re considering, and the Motability Scheme, meets your needs now and for the duration of your lease. Remember that your new WAV will be an important part of your life for years to come.

Ordering your WAV

When you are ready to apply for a WAV on the Motability Scheme, your converter will ask you to complete the following simple forms:

Along with these forms, you should also send them:

  • DWP entitlement letter - this can be a copy so you don’t have to send your original
  • Copies of both parts of your nominated drivers’ driving licences

Your converter will then place your order through our online system. The processing of your order will usually take a few days and once your application has been accepted, we will send you a letter confirming your order and containing your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Please keep your PIN in a safe place with all your other Motability paperwork, as this will act as your signature and acceptance of the terms and conditions of your lease agreement. Your converter will usually send you an order form to sign and return which will specify the vehicle you’ve chosen and any options you have had added to your WAV.

On average, you could take delivery of your WAV between 12-16 weeks after placing your order. Delivery of a WAV that has been converted for a wheelchair user to drive can take considerably longer. If you’ve ordered a Nearly New WAV it should only take a few weeks.

More about WAVs that a wheelchair user can drive
All about Nearly New WAVs

Delivery of your new WAV

When your WAV is ready, your converter will deliver it your home. The converter will show you and your carer around your new WAV and will remind your how each of the conversion features work. Your WAV converter will also ask you to sign a document to give them the authority to use your PIN number on your behalf, and then you can officially take delivery of your Motability WAV. Your converter will give you a welcome pack which includes a copy of our WAV Handbook, which contains everything you’ll need to know over the course of your lease.

If you need a WAV with an Advance Payment that you cannot afford, Motability may be able to help. Using the Government’s Specialised Vehicles Fund, Motability was able to help 1,400 customers to get a WAV last year.

All about financial help