WAV stands for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. This means you can travel in the vehicle while seat in your wheelchair

Request to rejoin the Scheme

You should only use this form if you used to be a customer and you're looking to re-join the Motability Scheme after a breach of terms and conditions.

On the letter confirming your suspension you'll see the date you can appeal to re-join the Scheme. We can only review your appeal if this date has passed or you’ve had a significant change in your circumstances.

Has your suspension ended?
Have your circumstances changed significantly since your lease ended?

We cannot review your appeal until your suspension has ended or you’ve had a significant change in your circumstances.

Please call us or talk to us using Live Chat and we'll confirm when your suspension ends.

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Please enter either a Customer Reference Number (CRN) or a car registration number.

Your Customer Reference Number (CRN) is 8 digits long and can be found at the top of any letter you have received from Motability. If you don’t know your CRN, then please enter the registration number of your Motability vehicle in the next field.
Please enter your car registration in upper case without any spaces.