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The quarterly customer magazine, Lifestyle, is available to read online. By reading Lifestyle, you will be able to catch up on MotabilityOpens in new window and Scheme news.

Lifestyle is the magazine for all Scheme customers (over 640,000) across the UK. Results from our recent reader survey show that it really works - 94% of those Scheme customers who took part said they read all or most of it! The magazine is delivered free of charge to all Motability Scheme customers and the Lifestyle ebookOpens in new window now means it can be enjoyed by a far wider audience.

People who are not on the Scheme can subscribe to Lifestyle magazine, at a cost of £10 per annum for four issues. To order, please send details of your name and address together with a cheque made payable to 'Big Publishing Ltd' to:

Lifestyle Subscriptions
Big Publishing Ltd
22 Stephenson Way

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