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Adaptations are a range of devices that can be fitted to your car to help make driving or travelling easier. Typically, adaptations fall into three categories: they can help you drive, stow your wheelchair or scooter, or get in and out of the car.

The Motability Scheme offers around 500 vehicle adaptations, many of which are available for no extra cost when fitted at the start of your lease. We also work with around 100 adaptation installers who will provide expert advice to help you choose the right adaptations for your needs.

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Where do I start?

Steering ball

Adaptations can improve your driving or travelling experience. Find out what's available and how they work on the Scheme.

How much do adaptations cost?


A huge range of adaptations are available at low or no extra cost when fitted at the start of your lease.

How do I get adaptations?

Car dealership

Adaptations are not suitable for every type of car so it's important to consider the adaptations you need before you choose your car.