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Transferring adaptations between Scheme cars

We want to make it as affordable as possible to access the right solution for your needs, that's why where adaptations can be used on your next Motability Scheme car we are working to make it possible to transfer them. For most adaptations that can be transferred, we are now able to offer a transfer at no extra cost. Where there is a cost, it will be significantly lower than getting a new adaptation. As you would expect, our priority is to ensure that any adaptation safely meets your needs for the full length of the lease, so there are some restrictions on which adaptations can be transferred.

Which adaptations can be transferred?

Currently a large number of access and stowage adaptations can be transferred on to your second Motability Scheme car, and we are aiming to make the majority of these transferable in the future. Any adaptations that can be transferred will have "transferable" in the product description within the price list.

Adaptations prices

Unfortunately, as driving adaptations are quite often tailored in some way to ensure they meet your needs and work with the car you have chosen, we are not able to offer a transfer on driving adaptations.

To minimise the amount of maintenance required and to ensure that transferring adaptations is the most economical and practical solution, no adaptation should be older than six and a half years at the end of the second lease.

With this in mind, if you are planning on transferring an adaptation it is really important that you do not extend the lease on your first vehicle, unless you are required to do so for reasons such as delivery delays or allowance renewal. If you are applying for a grant, please ensure you make the Grants team aware that you wish to transfer the adaptations.

Arranging the transfer of adaptations

If you're already in an adapted Motability Scheme car and would like to transfer the adaptations, please speak to your adaptations installer to check whether it is possible to do so. They will also check that the adaptation will not be older than six and a half years at the end of your second lease.

In order to transfer any suitable adaptations, your car dealer must add the relevant "transfer kit" to the application for your next Scheme car. Any costs associated with the transfer kit must be paid to your dealer at the same time as your Advance Payment.