Leasing an electric car through the Motability Scheme

When you choose to lease an electric car through the Motability Scheme not only do you get the same all-inclusive, worry-free package of insurance, servicing, maintenance, breakdown cover, but we also help provide a charging option.

If you have off street parking we will install a standard home chargepoint at no extra cost. If you don’t have off-street parking, or you’re not able to have a home chargepoint installed, we will provide access to the BP Pulse Polar Network*.

You’ll also benefit from all the latest technology with none of the worry or hassle of owning a car that you need to sell in three years. Plus, electric cars have fewer moving parts than traditional engine cars, so less things to go wrong and require maintenance, so you really can enjoy worry-free motoring.


Our electric car range 


We have over 80 pure electric vehicles you can choose from, all of which have the added benefit of being automatic transmission. We’re working with all the major manufacturers to make sure we bring you the widest choice of all the latest electric models.

*The Motability Scheme will provide either of these options for customers leasing their first fully electric vehicle. Standard fitting of home chargepoint does not include any extra costs that may be required to access your electricity supply.