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View the results of your search below. Don't forget, you can refine your results by selecting different filter options on the right hand side, or towards the bottom of the page if you are using a mobile phone. Prices valid between 1 April and 30 June 2022.

Please note that ongoing challenges in the motoring industry are leading to a shortage of new cars which is expected to continue into 2022. It is worth checking with the dealership if your chosen car is in stock or whether it must be ordered from the manufacturer, which may mean a delay. A comparable car from another manufacturer may be available sooner.

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  • PIP weekly rental Total Mobility Allowance

    We have a range of cars which cost less than your higher rate mobility allowance. These cars are available to lease at the fixed weekly amount shown, for the whole of your lease. The majority of cars require all of your mobility allowance. These cars are displayed here as 'Total Mobility Allowance' and includes any annual increases to your allowance over the course of your lease. For more information visit the payment and cost page.

  • PIP Advance Payment £5,999

    The Advance Payment is a one off amount payable to your dealer at the start of your lease.
    For more information visit the payment and cost page.

  • Automatic

    We offer manual, automatic and semi-automatic vehicles. Cars classified as semi-automatic do not have a clutch pedal but the exact operation of the transmission will vary depending on the vehicle manufacturer - check with your dealer for more information.

  • 5 doors

    Number of doors on your selected vehicle.

  • Electric

    Diesel cars are generally more fuel efficient, with lower CO2 emissions than petrol models, however, they may be more expensive than petrol models; Othis fuel technologies such as electric or hybrid vehicles may be even more environmentally friendly. Visit our fuel types page for more information.

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