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Ordering and delivery

When it comes to DFW and IT vehicles, there are a limited number of options available due to their size and complex nature. In most cases, the right vehicle will already be in stock with a converter or available for your converter to order from the manufacturer.

Choosing a vehicle

Choosing a vehicle that is already in stock is usually a quicker option than ordering a vehicle from the manufacturer, but it’s essential that you choose the right vehicle for your needs. There are a few things to be aware of:

  • Converters will have a certain number of vehicles in stock at any one time
  • There may be a few colour options available but whilst the specifications are suitable for most customers, you won't be able to purchase factory-fitted extras
  • As these vehicles are in stock, work can begin on converting the vehicle to make it accessible by wheelchair, meaning it could be ready to move to the adaptation installer within around 12 weeks.

If your converter orders a vehicle from the manufacturer it gives you the option to choose the colour you would like and to purchase factory-fitted optional extras. However, it can take 3-6 months before your vehicle arrives from the manufacturer and if you are receiving financial help from Motability, the Charity, you will need approval from them for any optional extras you wish to order.

Placing your order

Once you have decided on a vehicle and established the adaptations that you will need, you can then place your order directly with your WAV converter.

After you have placed your application, your converter should keep you up to date with the progress while it being converted. They will contact you at key points throughout the conversion process, but if you would like more regular updates or have any questions about your order, please speak to your converter directly to discuss this.

Once the conversion is complete and the vehicle is passed to the adaptations installer, the installer will then update you on the progress of your order until it is delivered.

Delivery day

The adaptations installer will deliver your vehicle to you when it is ready. They will go through a comprehensive and detailed handover demonstration with you.

You may find it useful to download and print off our handover checklist Will download a resource(PDF 213KB) to prepare for this. This checklist lets you tick off the different steps involved in your vehicle handover so you feel confident with all aspects of how your vehicle works. Your adaptation installer will go through this checklist with you and take you on a test drive to make sure you are comfortable with everything.

After delivery

If you need help getting used to your new vehicle, please speak to your converter in the first instance. They are your first point of contact throughout your lease and will be able to offer advice and guidance to help you get more comfortable. However, if you are still finding it difficult after speaking to them, we may also be able to provide you with familiarisation lessons. These would be with a fully qualified driving instructor to ensure that you are comfortable and confident when driving.

Please visit the WAV customer area to find out more about what is included in your lease.

Quick ordering checklist

Ordering a DFW or IT vehicle can feel like a complex process, so we’ve put together a quick guide to help you understand the steps involved:

Before you decide on a DFW or IT vehicle, try our Product Selection Tool. You may find there is another option that is more suitable for you.

If our tool recommends a DFW or IT, consider whether you will be self-funding or will need financial help from Motability, the Charity. If you will need financial help, contact Motability to discuss your needs.

Take a driving assessment to understand what vehicle and adaptations you might need.

Speak to a few converters and arrange some home demonstrations. Remember, you are not obligated to order following a demonstration.

Place your order with your chosen converter. Before you order, check with the converter whether the vehicle is in stock or whether it will need ordering from the manufacturer, which will lead to a longer delivery time.

Keep in touch with your WAV converter. They will provide updates on the progress of your conversion and let you know when the vehicle is delivered to the adaptations installer.

Visit your installer for a fitting to ensure your adaptations are positioned correctly. Once they have been installed, you will need a second fitting to see if any final tweaks are required.

Arrange a suitable date and time for the handover with your adaptation installer. They will deliver the vehicle to your home address.

On delivery day, be sure to test extensively to make sure you are comfortable with your vehicle. Download our handover checklist Will download a resource(PDF 213KB) in advance to make sure you are prepared.

If you need help getting used to your new vehicle, speak to us about familiarisation lessons.