WAV stands for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. This means you can travel in the vehicle while seat in your wheelchair

Adding your bank details

Why do you need my bank details?

When you lease a vehicle through the Motability Scheme, sometimes we’ll send you payments like the New Vehicle Payment or End of Contract Payment.

The quickest and easiest way to receive these payments is by bank transfer.

How we keep your details secure

  • Your bank details are encrypted once they’ve been saved
  • Our advisors cannot change your details. They can only delete them
  • We’ll send you a notification whenever your bank details have been changed
  • You can only see the last few digits of your sort code and account number in your online account

Banks we accept

We use a bank verification system to check your information is correct and matches what we have on our records.

We do this to protect your details and stop fraud.

The bank account needs to be in your own name. You cannot add an account for anyone else.

We’ll let you know if we add more banks

Sometimes we cannot verify certain bank accounts because of the type of account. We cannot accept Post Office accounts, for example.

We've recently updated the banks that we accept. We'll let you know when we add more in the future.

Here are the banks we accept right now

We've sorted these alphabetically to make it easier for you to search for your bank.

A to C
Access Bank
Allpay limited
Anna Money
Arbuthnot Latham & Co
Atom Bank
Bank of Ireland (UK) plc
Bank of Scotland
Barclays Corporate
BNP Paribas
Bottomline Payment Services Limited
C Hoare & Co
Cambridge Building Society
Card One Money (Spectrum Payment Services)
Clear Bank
Co-op Bank
Counting Up
Coutts & Co/ Adam&Co
Currency Could
D to P
Danske Bank (Northern Bank Limited)
First Direct
Intelligent Finance
Investec Bank
Isle of Man Bank
Kleinwort Hambros
Leeds Building Society
Lloyds Banking Group
Mettle Bank
Modulr FS Ltd
Nat West
Nat West International
Nationwide Building Society
Pay Point
PayrNet (Railsr)
Prepay Technologies Limited
R to Z
RBS International
Silicon Valley Bank
Societe Generale
Spectrum Payment Services
Triodos Bank
Ulster Bank
Unity Trust
Virgin Money
Wise Payments