1. Are there any electric vehicles on the Scheme?

    You can see the choice of hybrid and electric vehicles available by selecting 'Other' in the fuel type option on the Car Search tool .

    If you are looking to lease an electric vehicle, there are a couple of important things to consider:


    Electric vehicles have varying battery sizes and will travel different total distances depending on how large the battery is, your driving style, and the journeys that you undertake. You should check that the vehicle you choose is suitable for your typical journeys.

    Vehicle charging 

    You will need somewhere to charge the car, and typically this involves having a charging point fitted at your home by the car manufacturer’s chosen installation partner. In order to have a home charging point fitted you will need to have access to off-road parking such as a private driveway or garage. 

    Before you place your application, your dealer will run through some important details to make sure the car is suitable for your needs and discuss with you the option of installing a charging point at your home address. It is not a compulsory requirement for you to have a charging point fitted at home; however we do recommend you do so to ensure you can charge the vehicle conveniently. If you decide not to have a charging point fitted at home, please ensure you have a suitable alternative to charge the vehicle.


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