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    Are there any electric vehicles on the Scheme?

    You can see the choice of electric and hybrid vehicles available by using the 'fuel type' filter on the Car Search tool .

    If you are looking to lease an electric vehicle, there are a couple of important things to consider:


    Electric vehicles use 'range' to indicate how far the vehicle can be driven before another charge is needed. The range can be affected by a number of factors, such as the size of the battery, your driving style and even whether you are using the air-conditioning. You should check that the vehicle you choose is suitable for your typical journeys. 

    Vehicle charging 

    You will need to have access to a charge point to recharge the battery and pay for the electricity that is used. There are two options available on the Motability Scheme. If you have off-street parking, BP Chargemaster may be able to install a charge point at your home. Alternatively, if you don't have off-street parking, or it's not possible to fit a home charge point, BP Chargemaster will arrange for you to access a network of charge points known as the Polar network for easy on-street charging.

    There are no costs for BP Chargemaster to supply and install a home charge point, however if there is work required to gain access to your electricity supply you will need to cover the costs for this. To find out more about BP Chargemaster charging options please speak to your dealer when choosing your car. 

    If you've had a wall box installed for a previous car and the cables are compatible, you can continue using it with your new car. If the cables are not compatible, then you can have a replacement wall box fitted under the Office for Low Emission Vehicles initiative. However, as you have already claimed the government grant, there will be a cost of £350 to pay as you can only claim the grant once. You can always take advantage of the Polar network access to charge your car away from home if this is more suitable.

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