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    What happens to my lease if I’m in hospital for more than 28 days?

    In general, DWP do not make payments of DLA care and mobility components after a disabled person has been in hospital for 28 days or more (84 days for children under 16); payments resume once the disabled person comes out of hospital. In the past, this suspension of payments was not applied to Motability Scheme customers, whose mobility component continued to be paid to the Scheme until the end of their lease agreement. However, from April 2013 onwards, the DWP has started to treat all hospital in-patients in the same way, whether they have a Motability vehicle or not. This means that, for disabled people with lease agreements who have gone into hospital after 8 April 2013, DWP will stop paying the DLA mobility component to the Motability Scheme if their stay exceeds 28 days.

    As soon as you are admitted to hospital, you must notify DWP of your change in circumstance. If you are in hospital for more than 28 days, you or somebody acting on your behalf should contact us to discuss your individual circumstances. Depending on the expected length of your hospital stay and, of course, your own preferences, we will discuss appropriate arrangements with you.

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