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    What happens to my lease if I’m in hospital for more than 28 days?

    In general, DWP do not make payments of PIP or DLA care and mobility components after a disabled person has been in hospital for 28 days or more. Payments will instead resume once the disabled person comes out of hospital. However, if the disabled person is aged under 18 when they go in to hospital, payments of PIP or DLA will continue as normal even if they turn 18 whilst in hospital. It does not matter how long they are in hospital for, just that they were aged 18 or under when they entered hospital.

    Please be advised you must notify DWP as soon as you are admitted to hospital, and if you are in hospital for more than 28 days, you or somebody acting on your behalf should also contact us so we can discuss the next steps with you depending on the expected length of your hospital stay.

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