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    What is the annual WAV check?

    The annual WAV check is carried out each year by your WAV supplier to ensure the conversion elements of your WAV are working as they should. Depending on the features of your WAV, this check could include the ramp or lift, winches, tiedowns or any other parts that allow you to access the vehicle.

    Your WAV supplier will contact you about a month before the anniversary of when you took delivery of your WAV to arrange a convenient time to carry out the check, which will take place at your home address.

    If any repairs are needed, your WAV supplier will aim to complete these at your home address, and may be able to do this during the check providing they have the parts to hand. If not, they will arrange to come back at a later date, or for your vehicle to go to their workshop. If you have any adaptations fitted to your WAV, these will also be checked and any repairs or adjustments required will be arranged by your WAV supplier with the installer who fitted them originally.

    The costs of the annual WAV check and any routine repairs are included in the cost of your lease. Any repairs that are not routine must be approved by us (and possibly RSA Motability) before any work is done.

    WAV servicing and annual WAV checks

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