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    What is the Good Condition Bonus?

    The Good Condition Bonus is a sum of money awarded to customers that hand the car back in a good condition at the natural end of the lease. The amount you receive depends on how long the lease has lasted for. If you are in line to receive the bonus, there is no need to contact us - we will automatically send the bonus to you, either by bank transfer if you have updated your bank details in your Motability Scheme online account, or cheque if not. You should receive the payment within 5 days of the car being returned if we arrange a bank transfer, or within 28 days if we send a cheque.

    To receive this payment when it's due by bank transfer, sign in to your account and navigate to 'Your payment details'.

    Create a Motability Scheme online accountOpens in new window

    Or sign into your account if you are already set up. 

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