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    What is the Motability Scheme online account?

    The Motability Scheme online account is a new way to flexibly manage your lease and have more control in keeping your information up to date. Currently all customers can do the following in the account:

    Save your bank details to receive any payments or refunds such as the Good Condition Bonus, or End of Contract Bonus for scooter or powered wheelchair customers, by bank transfer rather than cheque

    Easily check and update personal information such as your address and contact details, saving you time and providing peace of mind that everything is up to date

    Find your managing dealer’s contact details – useful if you need to get in touch with them to arrange any servicing, maintenance or repairs

    View key lease dates and important Scheme documents to help you stay organised throughout your lease

    Car and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) customers

    View, add or change named drivers during your lease and easily see the details of your insurance cover, saving you a call to RSA Motability

    Start your next application from home by updating your personal details and allowance information before you visit a dealership – giving the dealer more time to help you choose your next car. You can also add the details for two named drivers to your application if they hold an England, Wales or Scotland driving licence.

    If you’ve recently placed an order for a car or WAV, check the progress of your application and access the PIN, ready for delivery day

    We’re also continuously adding new features to the online account, so keep signing in to see what’s new.

    If you don’t already have an account you can find out more about how it works.

    Create an accountOpens in new window

    Or sign into your account if you are already set up.

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