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    What should I do if my car has broken down?

    If your car has broken down, contact the RAC. They are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Tel (UK inc. NI): 0800 73 111 73
    Call from mobile: 0333 202 1878
    Republic of Ireland: 1800 535 005
    Text number: 07855 828 282

    Visit RAC Motability website

    A patrol will attend your car and repair or recover to a repairer/dealership. The RAC can provide ongoing transport to ensure you can continue your journey. If help is needed to stay mobile during this time a hire car can be requested from the RAC. The RAC can provide a hire car for a 48 hour period if requested within 48 hours of them attending the car.

    Find out about breakdown assistance covered by your lease

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