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    Where do I get the MOT done?

    Your Motability dealer should contact you to book your MOT towards the end of your agreement, if you have any concerns, please give them a call. The cost of the MOT is included in your worry-free lease package (including where a lease has been extended). Remember, you will need to have an MOT completed before you hand the car back at the end of the agreement.

    COVID-19 update: The Government announced an automatic six-month extension to any MOT due to expire between 30 March and 31 July 2020. Your dealer will contact you towards the end of this extension to book your car in for the test. MOTs due from 1 August 2020 should be booked in as normal. If your MOT expired before 30 March and has not yet been completed, this should be arranged as soon as possible with your dealer. Until completed the vehicle can legally only be driven to a pre-booked MOT appointment. If you are self-isolating you should book the MOT for after the period of self-isolation is over, or ask a named driver to take the vehicle to be tested.

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