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    Where should I get my WAV serviced?

    Regular servicing will be arranged by your WAV supplier. They may complete the service themselves, or arrange for your WAV to go to the vehicle manufacturer's local dealer. For example, a Vauxhall Combo would be taken to a Vauxhall dealer

    If your WAV needs to go to a local dealer, your WAV supplier will work with you to book your service at a convenient time and date. 

    Sometimes, if your WAV is particularly large, you might need to take it to a commercial vehicle dealer. If this is the case, you’ll be told by your WAV supplier at the start of your lease where you’ll need to go.

    Along with the regular service for your vehicle, we also include an annual WAV check for the conversion elements of your WAV. The free check will be carried out by the WAV supplier at your home every year and will cover things like the ramp or lift and wheelchair tie downs to ensure they are working correctly and still meet your needs. If any of your adaptations need servicing, then the adaptations company, will be in touch to arrange this.

    If you are in any doubt of who to call, your first contact should be to your WAV supplier.

    WAV servicing and annual WAV checks

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