WAV stands for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. This means you can travel in the vehicle while seat in your wheelchair

Can I apply for financial help when I order my next vehicle?

The Motability Foundation runs several Grant Programmes to support with the cost of Advance Payments and adaptations. These are for people who cannot afford the mobility solution they need.

All applications are means-tested to make sure the foundation supports those most in need of a charitable grant and that it helps as many people as possible.

If you’re already on the Motability Scheme and you’re applying for financial help towards a new car, you can apply four months before the end of your lease.

If you’re applying for financial help towards a new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle), you can apply six months before the end of your current lease.

The Motability Foundation cannot award a grant if you’ve already ordered your vehicle.

When you apply for a grant, a Case Manager will consider your circumstances and confirm which vehicles the foundation will fund based on your mobility needs, not wants.

The foundation will not consider the manufacturer or fuel type you prefer.

Your grant award letter will have a list of vehicles or categories the Motability Foundation is prepared to fund.

Grants are awarded in line with the foundation's policies, after a Case Manager has thoroughly considered the information you submit.

All grant awards are final unless you give extra, compelling information.

If an application does not meet Motability Foundation‘s funding priorities, you will not get a grant.

You can find out more about grants and how to apply at motabilityfoundation.org.uk(opens in a new window).

If you’ve already submitted an application, you should receive a decision within six weeks. Please wait for your Case Manager to update you.

If you already have a Scheme vehicle, you might be able to extend your lease for up to two more years. The easiest way to do this is in your Motability Scheme online account:

Sign in(opens in a new window)

Create your account(opens in a new window)

If you've already extended your lease for two years or more, please contact us on 0300 456 4566(opens in a new window) to discuss your options.

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