WAV stands for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. This means you can travel in the vehicle while seat in your wheelchair

Can I have a pet in my vehicle? 

You can carry pets in your vehicle.

We know all vehicles will show wear and tear with use, but you’re not covered, under the insurance policy, for damage to the inside of your vehicle.

You'll need to pay for interior repairs if the damage was caused by a pet.

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What do I do if my car is damaged inside, or by a mobility aid? 

Not all damage is covered by your insurance policy. Find out what is covered.

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Am I covered if my personal items are stolen from my vehicle? 

Personal belongings are not covered by your insurance policy.

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Can I only apply for certain insurance groups?

To make sure the Scheme is affordable, drivers under 25 can only apply for certain insurance groups.

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Can I use my vehicle for business? 

Your vehicle is covered for social, domestic and pleasure purposes, including driving to your place of work.

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Do I get cover like home, travel or pet insurance with my lease? 

Your insurance policy only covers your vehicle, but the suppliers we work with offer a range of insurance products.

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When will I get my insurance documents? 

We will send your documents soon after you pick up your vehicle.

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