WAV stands for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. This means you can travel in the vehicle while seat in your wheelchair

Windscreen and windows

When you notice a chip or crack in your windscreen or windows, book in a repair as soon as possible. Most windscreen damage can be fixed easily, as long as you get it looked at soon.

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Chips in your windscreen

When you notice a chip or crack in your windscreen or windows, book in a repair as soon as possible. The sooner you call, the more chance our supplier will be able to repair your windscreen rather than replace it.

If a chip in your windscreen is smaller than the size of a two pound coin our supplier can repair it.

If you leave it, moisture, frost and dirt can cause the damage to get worse beyond repair.

Chips or cracks in the windscreen directly in front of the driver, in the area swept by the wiper blades, are dangerous if they're more than 10mm in diameter. In the rest of the area swept by the wiper blades, up to 40mm damage is OK.

If your windscreen needs replacing you’ll need to pay an excess of £50. The cost of the repairs are included at no extra cost. You can read more in your terms and conditions booklet.

To arrange an appointment, book one online or call Glassline on 0344 387 7639 (00353 18429731 if you’re in the Republic of Ireland). They’ll give you advice and can arrange for an Autoglass technician to visit you, if necessary.

If you call, you'll need to tell them you’re on the Scheme and show them your Certificate of Motor Insurance.

If you book online(opens in a new window), when the form asks you whether there’s anything else, please add that you’re on the Scheme, then submit the form.

Getting your windscreen fixed will not affect your claims history.

If you have a problem with your windscreen wipers, please contact your dealer for repairs or blade replacements.

Helping the environment

You're helping the environment by repairing rather than replacing your windscreen. It helps lower the amount of glass sent for reprocessing, which reduces CO2 emissions.

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