WAV stands for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. This means you can travel in the vehicle while seat in your wheelchair


Your scooter or powered wheelchair is fully covered during your lease.

Illustration of three people with a scooter and a wheelchair

If you break down while you're out and about

If this happens, or your product becomes undrivable and you need to get home, try to get to a safe place away from any potential hazards, then call Motability Assist, provided by Autohome, on 0800 953 5000.

They're open all day, every day, all year round, and they'll give you advice on your next steps.

They'll take you and your product home, then you’ll need to contact your dealer so they can arrange the repair.

Your breakdown cover is only for the product and does not include any other vehicle you might be travelling in.

If you've been in an accident please call our insurance provider on 0800 294 0790 to report the accident

If it happens in the UK

If you're on holiday or away from home with your product in the UK and you need help, Motability Assist will take you and your product back to your local accommodation.

If it happens abroad

If you're going on holiday outside of the UK, you'll need to arrange breakdown cover separately before you go. Motability Assist only offers the 'get you home' service within the UK.

If you break down while you're at home

Call your dealer. They’ll give you advice on your next steps.

Download the app

If you get the app, Motability Assist can pinpoint your exact location and get to you as quickly as possible, even if you're not sure where you are.

You'll need to download the app before you’re in a breakdown and only people who lease a scooter or powered wheelchair through the Scheme can use this app.

If you have an Apple phone – use the App Store

If you have an Android phone – use the Google Play Store

Or search for 'Motability Recovery' online.

It's simple to install and use, and it costs the same as a single text message.

If you have trouble downloading it, please speak to your dealer and they'll help.

Once you have it, if you break down just open the app, choose 'Rescue me' to create a text message with the coordinates of your exact location and tap 'Send'.

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Am I covered if I break down while towing a caravan or trailer? 

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