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Get your vehicle

You’ll pick up your car from the dealer. If it’s another vehicle, the dealer or supplier will bring it to your home.

When the big day arrives

Your dealer or supplier will check everything’s OK. Once you’re happy with it, you can start enjoying your vehicle.

So you know

  • You’ll need a Personal Identification Number (PIN). We’ll send you this in the post. The quickest way to get it is in your Motability Scheme online account. Your lease begins as soon as you enter your PIN – look over your vehicle and make sure you’re happy with it first
  • Delivery times can change, with any of our vehicles – keep speaking to your dealer or supplier, but they won’t be able to speed things up
  • If you’re renewing your lease, we’ll never leave you without a vehicle and we’ll extend your lease until your new one is ready
A dealer showing a woman how to use functions inside a car

A few final checks

  • You’ll fill out a Statement of Responsibilities form to check the vehicle you've chosen is suitable for you now and during your lease.

  • Check the vehicle controls – make sure you know how to use all of the main controls in or on your vehicle
  • Get comfortable – if you're not sure about any features, ask your dealer or supplier to explain them
  • Make sure you’re covered – check that you and your nominated drivers are on your new insurance cover note
  • Your details are up to date – make sure your dealer or supplier has your correct contact details so they can contact you during your lease with important information, like reminding you to get a service

If you’re getting an electric car, make sure you speak to your dealer about making the most of the benefits of your new car. Learn more

You could get a £250 New Vehicle Payment after you collect your new vehicle

Remember – you’ll receive this if you’re joining the Scheme for the first time and you ordered your first vehicle during 2022.

If you’ve ordered a scooter or powered wheelchair, you’ll receive a £100 New Product Payment instead.

You can only get this payment once.

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Explore our range

We have a wide range of vehicles. We can help you decide which type suits you best.

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Have a question?

Vehicle supply issues and delayed orders: Your questions answered

The global car market is currently facing a number of challenges, all of which are leading to supply issues, delivery delays and a shortage of many new makes and models. 

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How long will it take to get my new Motability Scheme car?

The time taken to get a new car can vary depending on manufacturers and the model you have ordered.

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Can someone else drive for me?

Our worry-free package includes insurance for up to three named drivers – these can be yourself, friends, family or carers. 

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What you’ll get in our worry‑free package

Insurance cover

Insurance cover

We’ll arrange this for you. You can add up to three named drivers and can change these at any time.

Illustration of a car coolant reservoir

Servicing and MOT

We’ll cover your regular services and routine repairs, to keep your vehicle running perfectly.

Illustration of a steering wheel

Breakdown cover

We’ll give you breakdown cover, so you can travel with peace of mind.

Illustration of a battery half charged

Support with your electric car

We’ll arrange and cover the standard cost of a home chargepoint and its installation, or give you access to the bp pulse network of over 9,000 public chargepoints.