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Mechanical faults

If your car is not running properly, contact your Motability dealer to book the car in for an inspection.


All Motability cars come with at least a three-year warranty so any repair caused by general wear or mechanical fault is covered, except if there is evidence of neglect or misuse. If you are out and about and concerned that your car is unsafe, please contact RAC Motability Assist .

Servicing your car

WAV mechanical repairs

If you have mechanical problems with any aspect of your WAV’s conversion, such as wheelchair tie downs or a winch, you will need to contact your WAV supplier . If the issue is with the base vehicle, such as the engine or gearbox, you should contact your managing dealer.

Recurring problems

If the mechanical problem returns and your converter or dealer has not been able to help, please contact our Customer Services team on 0300 456 4566 . We will always try our best to help you find a solution.