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MOT tests

MOT stands for 'Ministry of Transport’, which set up the MOT test in 1960. Even though the ministry no longer exists, the name MOT is still used.

The cost of the MOT test is included in your Motability lease. It checks that each car meets current road safety and environmental standards.

When is your MOT test due?

In most parts of the UK, cars over three years old need to be tested each year.

  • If your car is on a standard three-year lease, it will need an MOT test certificate before you can hand it back, approximately two months before the end of your lease
  • Your managing dealer should contact you to book your MOT test towards the end of your lease, but if this has not happened, please contact your dealer as soon as possible
  • If you are interested in lease extending your vehicle, you will still need an MOT completed within the last two months of your original end date.
  • If you have a WAV where  the lease is longer than three years, you will need an MOT test when it is three years old. Following this, your WAV will undergo an MOT test every 12 months as part of your regular vehicle service
  • Cars in Northern Ireland do not require an MOT test until they are four years old
  • Cars registered in the Isle of Man do not need an MOT test at all.

Please inform your dealer if you are concerned about anything regarding your vehicle. Once the MOT test is completed, your dealer will keep the certificate.

Failing the MOT test

If your car fails the MOT test, the car will need to be fixed and re-tested at the dealership. The cost of repairs due to general wear and tear are included in your agreement but you may need to claim for other repairs through your RSA Motability insurance policy. Your dealer will contact us before any repair work is done.

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