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Getting your next scooter or powered wheelchair

As you reach the end of your current lease agreement, you may be thinking about getting your next scooter or powered wheelchair.

When you reach the end of your lease agreement you will qualify for a £100 End of Contract Bonus. This will be sent to you once the dealer has confirmed that the product has been returned.

We’ll send you a letter around three months before the end of your lease to let you know what you need to do to hand back your current product and how to go about choosing your next scooter or powered wheelchair. This letter will include the date from when you can place your next order, so you will know when to start contacting  dealers  to see which scooters or powered wheelchairs are now available and may be suitable to take some test drives.

You will probably find it useful to gather as much information as possible on which product might now suit your needs. We are often told that talking to several dealers and getting lots of advice is extremely helpful. It’s also worth having a new home assessment, in case your needs or home environment have changed, and of course to test drive some products too.

You can browse over 300 scooters or powered wheelchairs using our tool.

Once you've selected your new product, your Motability dealer will place the order for you and arrange to deliver your new product at the same time as taking away your old one, so you don't have to worry about being left without a scooter or powered wheelchair to get around.

Delivery delays

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the delivery date of the new scooter or powered wheelchair, as delivery dates are in the hands of the manufacturer and dealer. Your dealer will keep you updated on delivery progress. If there is an unavoidable delay before your new scooter or powered wheelchair is ready, you may be able to stay in your current product until the new one is ready. You can arrange this directly with your dealer.

So long as there are no changes to your choice of product, the price you agree with the dealer when you order is guaranteed to stay the same, even if your scooter takes longer to arrive.