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Scooter Highway Code

Your scooter or powered wheelchair will enable you to enjoy more independence and freedom to get out and about. However, for your own safety and of those around you, you will need to comply with the Scooter Highway Code. Below is an overview of the rules that apply to mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs.

When using your mobility scooter or powered wheelchair on the pavement:

  • Give way to pedestrians as they have right of way on pavements
  • The speed limit for pavements is 4mph - if your product is able to travel faster than this make sure you switch the speed limiter on
  • Be careful when mounting or dismounting pavements and kerbs - where possible use dropped kerbs. Speak to your dealer about the maximum height of kerb your scooter or powered wheelchair can handle
  • If out shopping, don’t overload your scooter or powered wheelchair with more weight than it is able to handle, and ensure that the weight is spread evenly so you don’t overbalance. Also, don’t hang bags off the steering controls as you will need to be in control of these at all times
  • Different terrains, weather and settings will require different speeds. For example, take extra care on gravel, in wet weather or when there are more pedestrians around
  • Make sure you know how to operate the controls of your scooter or powered wheelchair before going out in it.

When using your scooter on the road:

  • Only Class 3 scooters which can travel up to 8mph, have been fitted with front and rear lights, indicators and a horn are permitted on the road. Don't forget, class 3 products also need to be taxed before road use is permitted.
  • No scooters or powered wheelchairs are permitted on motorways or in bus or cycle lanes
  • Class 3 scooters can only be used on dual carriageways if fitted with a flashing amber warning light, no other types of scooter or powered wheelchair are permitted on any roads
  • Obey all road signs, signals and traffic lights
  • Make sure you are highly visible if travelling on the road especially if the weather is bad. Fluorescent clothing and good lights can help with this. Try not to travel in the dark or the cold, as your personal health and safety may be put at risk.

Taxing your scooter