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If you're involved in a scooter or powered wheelchair accident

Make sure you take the following actions:

  • Exchange details with any other people involved in the accident, giving them your name, address, phone number and RSA Motability (RSAM) details.
  • Don’t admit any fault, deny the claim, negotiate or promise to pay anything, without written permission from RSAM.
  • Even if you can’t see any immediate damage or injury, report the accident to RSAM on 0800 294 0790 as soon as possible to register the claim.
  • If you can’t use your scooter or powered wheelchair after the accident, RSAM will arrange for one of a network of repairers to collect it.
  • RSAM will keep you updated with how the repair work is progressing.

Send all correspondence you receive concerning the accident to RSAM claims department:

RSA Motability
PO Box 40
New Hall Place
Old Hall Street
L69 3SD

It’s important that you co-operate fully with RSAM while the claim is being investigated. If you don’t, your claim could be rejected and that could stop you leasing a product on the Motability Scheme in the future.

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