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Generally, scooters and powered wheelchairs come as standard from the manufacturer. In some cases however, you might feel that a modification or adaptation is necessary to make it easier to use. These may include modifications such as a crutch holder or horn, as well as a modification to prevent the scooter exceeding a certain speed. Powered Wheelchairs can also be adapted to meet individual needs where necessary.

More about adaptations and accessories

To ensure your product and any modifications are fully covered by your insurance policy, you will need to notify us. Once we have approved the adaptation or modification, you will then need to contact RSA Motability (RSAM) on 0800 294 0790.

Any changes to the standard product that makes it unsafe to use or that we are not aware of could invalidate your insurance. We may ask you to remove the adaptations and return the product to its original specification at the end of your lease, at your own cost.

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