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Test drive at One Big Day and The Big Event

The Big Event offers a unique opportunity to test drive a wide range of vehicles, including standard vehicles, vehicles fitted with popular driving adaptations and a range of passenger Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs).

Watch the short test drive video below.

Take a test drive at the event

You can test drive adapted and non-adapted cars, both as a driver or passenger with a qualified driving instructor. You can also experience an on-the-road passenger WAV test drive (as a passenger).

Test drives can only be booked on the day. To test drive, simply:

  1. Visit the test drive booking desk at an event
  2. Choose the car you would like to test drive
  3. Show the photocard part of your full UK driving licence to the test drive team
  4. Sign our Test Drive Declaration Form on the day (this simply says you agree to our terms and conditions Will download a resource(PDF 200KB)  and that you meet the test drive eligibility criteria)
  5. That’s’re ready to take your test drive!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Unfortunately it is not possible to test drive a Drive From Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, however, there will be lots of experts on hand to answer your questions and arrange a home demonstration for a later date.

What cars can I test drive?

Non-adapted test drive cars – A large fleet of non-adapted vehicles will be available to test drive at all our events. Details of these vehicles will be made available in the event guide two weeks before each event.

Adapted test drive cars – A range of cars fitted with popular driving adaptations will be available to test drive at all our events.

The full list of our adapted test drive fleet will be available in the new year.